Must Try Dishes When in Europe

When vacationing in Europe a person should be open for new experiences as well as some good times. Europeans like to express themselves through their food and the dishes that they prepare.


These are some of the must-try dishes when in Europe.


Chocolate Croissant

This tasty treat can be found at cafes and pastry shops in many different countries. It is often served for breakfast but can also be eaten as an afternoon snack. This croissant is filled with pure Franglais chocolate. The dough is shaped into a cube and has two pieces of this pure chocolate in the center. It is very easy to find in  Paris, France but is making appearances in other European countries as well. A freshly made chocolate croissant goes very well with a cup of coffee.


Doner Kebab


This may seem like a simple dish. It has all the makings of a sandwich which is meat and bread only it is must tastier. These kebabs are sold all around the stress of Europe. The Kebab is made up of meat that has been cooked in an upright position on a spit. When a person orders this dish the meat is shaved off and put on a pita. It is then topped with a number of different things including lettuces and olives. While there are similar versions of the Doner Kebab in the United States they are not the same as the version that is found in Europe.




Freshly made gelato is a treat in many European countries. Gelato is creamier than regular ice cream and contains more sugar and is made using less air. Gelato comes in different flavors. To get real quality gelato the colors should have a natural look and should not be too bright. The texture should be soft but not overly fluffy. This will help a person tell if they are getting it freshly made.


Fish and Chips


Many people have tired a piece of fried fish and French fries before but they do not taste as good as the ones that are found in Europe. The fish is freshly fried so it is nice and crispy. It is then put on a bun. The potatoes are sliced up and then fried as a French fry would be cooked. These items can be used with some vinegar.


Wiener Schnitzel


This dish can be found in many parts of Europe and is very tasty. This basically translated to a piece of fried veal. The veal is breaded in a special mixture of bread crumbs and seasonings and then fried. It is often served with a hint of lemon. You’ll also find¬†old fashioned spaghetti sauce from most restaurants!




There are many versions to this dish but none are as good as the traditional ones found in Europe. Goulash that is served in Europe can be cooked in two ways. Some of the soups have a thick broth while others are think and clear.


These are some of the dishes that a person must try while they are in Europe. They are tasty and will allow a person to try something new.


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